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Welcome to Alaska - this makes a great starting point for your road trip adventures. These links will take you to the important location websites in order for you to drill down and find the things that you are most interested in doing. You can find many historical sites and museums with tours. Cities are steeped in rich cultural offerings. Scenic by-ways give you the opportunity for sightseeing and to photograph the natural beauty that abounds in all of the United States of America.

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The Gold Rush is Alive and Well in Alaska!
Officially the Great Alaskan Gold Rush lasted for just three years - 1897-99. Here's a little nugget of information just between us, it never actually ended. By official terms, the Alaska gold rush lasted for just three years, dwindling when gold was discovered in more widespread areas, prompting the invention of more advanced excavation equipment which revolutionized the gold industry. Suddenly, gold was everywhere, and panning largely declined across the Northwest Territories. However, Alaska is holding onto a little secret - there is still plenty of gold to be discovered along its riverbeds.
There’s More to Alaska
One of the most luxurious ways to explore Alaska is by cruise ship. In fact, Alaska is considered to be one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world, with the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau citing a 44 percent increase in cruise passengers to the state in just 10 years. Sea transportation allows for travelers to discover Alaska’s major coastal cities, such as Anchorage, Juneau, and Sitka. These trips provide opportunities to view some of the state’s most majestic wildlife. It’s believed that ‘more than 2,000 humpbacks are known to feed in the waters off Alaska’, according to Planet Cruise, and the Alaska Government report that up to ‘eight million shorebirds stop to forage and rest each spring’ along the Copper River Delta. However, there is actually much more to Alaska than just the spectacular, rugged coastline. Interior Alaska, while arguably less explored, has plenty to offer travelers, daytrippers, and sightseers, including exhilarating opportunities to try striking it rich in some of the state’s most gold dense destinations - particularly in and around the Denali National Park, just north of Anchorage.
Gold Panning Day Trips - The Best Areas
While the Alaskan landscape isn’t likely to give way to gigantic nuggets, the constant flowing waters mean that new gold is always being disturbed, making it easier to find. Although the official gold rush is over, there are still many adventurers who make a living by gold panning, and it’s actually quite a big business. Unfortunately, this does mean that many places known for their expanse of gold can be visited with a license only, but there are a number of places where amateur panners and day trippers can try their hand at this historic activity.
Hatcher Pass
Hatcher Pass is located in Willow, Alaska, just 60 miles north of Anchorage, which makes it an ideal excursion for cruise passengers wanting to see more than the coastline. The Little Susitna River is one of the easiest places for recreational gold panning, and many day trippers have reported reasonable success. Even if you don’t find anything, the Hatcher Pass area, surrounded by the Talkeetna Mountains, is absolutely beautiful, with lakes, hiking trails, and even an abundance of fresh blueberries growing during the late summer months.
Caribou Creek
Caribou Creek is located in Glacier View, Alaska, just south of the Denali National Park and 100 miles from the center of Anchorage. There is a dedicated recreational panning area here, and it’s thought to be one of the most fruitful spots. The largely undeveloped land, and greater distance from Anchorage means recreational panners are few and far between here, so there’s less competition. As well as panning, this area is ideal for hiking and viewing wildlife - both black and grizzly bears have been seen in and around Caribou Creek!
Petersville is another destination located just south of the Denali National Park, roughly 145 miles from Anchorage. There are two large areas of public land along Petersville Road which are open to amateur panners hoping to find some precious metal. Like Caribou Creek, the land is largely undeveloped, however, this area is somewhat busier due to the number of other activities that are undertaken here, such as dog mushing, skiing, four-wheeling, and fishing.

For those looking for an alternative way to discover Alaska, gold panning makes for a fun, exciting, and somewhat different day out. It’s even a great activity for the whole family. Gold panning is simple to do, even for children, and the kids will love the anticipation. All destinations above are easily accessible from Anchorage, allowing for a day trip to the area, or an overnight camping stay in one of the many sites around the Denali National Park.